Footballers trying golf skills

Maitland 2015

Maitland JRLFC. arrived Friday for a weekend of football again choosing to stay on the farm.

They practised there golfing skills before departing for Port for dinner, After breakfast this morning they left to go and play football.

We will know the results of their games when thay arrive home later in the afternoon.

Sunday they will play again before departing for home.

Japanese Students

Last month we entertained a group of Japanes student from a small town called Noboribetsu in Japan.

The 8 students and there teachers spent an afternoon learning about Aussie Farming on a small scale and had a wonderful time with the chickens,cows and in with the birds especially the Japanese Quale.

Dinner was an Aussie BBQ with steak,sausages.salad and garlic bread and not a thing left on the plates so the chooks just looked on in discust.

Sweets was a large pavlova and as they had never had pavlova before they all took photos to show family when they go home.

Breakfast was another first with Nutra Grain followed by bacon and eggs and all the trimmings.

9am departed the farm and we hope this will be an ongoing program here in the future.


Its Saturday on an Easter weekend and its raining and has been for days. The guests are locked up in the cabins the chooks are looking for a dry patch of grass and management is going stir crazy.

On a brighter note we have had lots of international and Australian tourist having a short break and have enjoyed there stay here.

When it fines up we will tell all about past and future events.

Bookings for Xmas

We are fast approching Christmas and we are filling up fast so if you are planning a holiday at our farm its time to get organized.The cows are calving, chickens laying lots of eggs and the birds are multiplying at at frantic pace.

We have 2 new camp sites and a new outhouse on site but this year please no dogs or cats because at last count we had 12 magpies,7 lorakeets and 30 galahs coming daily for a visit.

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